Prevent Dehydration, Swelling and Hangovers with Mung Beans

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It is important to take good care of your body especially during the hot summer time. The sweltering heat during summer time may cause you to be dehydrated, and consequently your body may lose a lot of energy. The foods that you eat during this time should have enough cooling and hydrating properties to keep you going.

Have you been looking for the best hydrating remedy for your body? Well, we have just the right solution for you. Mung beans are one of the best foods that you can take any time of the year. Mung beans have the capacity to supplement body fluids. Due to the heat in summer, you may sweat a lot and therefore, your body will lose water. Mung beans are ideal for this situation as they have the capacity to replenish the fluids in your body. Eating a bowl of cooked mung beans or taking a glass of sweet mung beans soup during the day will thus leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

Mung beans also prevent swelling experienced during hot times such as in summer. The swelling usually happens due to the temperature imbalance between the inside and outside of the body. When the outside temperature rises, the body gets vulnerable to internal heat surges. This wild heat surge causes swellings and sometimes may even cause ulcers. Mung beans are ideal in this situation. A bowl or two of Mung bean soup will also help to reduce the accumulation of damp-heat in the body such as leg edema or inflamed joints experienced during summer. This is due to its ‘cold’ nature, making the beans a priority food for your food basket. The ‘cold’ concept here denotes the ability of Mung beans to regulate body heat especially during hot days. Mung bean soup is especially good for this. You can keep the Mung beans soup refrigerated for best results.

Taking alcohol during hot days may also leave you with a massive hangover due to increased dehydration. Chilled Mung bean soup is especially helpful to clear hangovers. The ‘cold’ nature of these amazing beans will hydrate your body and replenish body fluids getting rid of that hangover in a short time. Keeping the Mung bean soup refrigerated increases its potency to work better amid during the summer heat.

Also, Mung beans help to quench thirst. You may have the frequent urge to drink something soothing during a hot day. Well, Mung beans can actually help you during these conditions. If you eat a bowl or two of Mung bean soup, it will be a longer period before you feel the urge to take a drink.

So go ahead and try the amazing benefits of Mung beans any time of the year. You will definitely have a story to tell.

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